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Elevated Angles, LLC provides aerial photography and video services for various industries and events.

Commercial Real Estate

We work with PMCs to help them attract more potential buyers, investors, and tenants by making your listings stand out from the rest! New Constructions? Show views as your construction progresses using our mapping tools. 

Residential Real Estate

We help real estate agents and agencies separate their listings from their competitors by allowing them to show the "entire" view of the home or property, which  conventional photos just can't deliver.


Create 3D or 2D maps of your property or job site and import to a CAD program to track construction progress, map dimensions for your projects, and manage building inspections using premium audit fly-overs to ensure subcontractors are on site for the hours they are billing you!

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Create a "hype" video for your school or university to attract potential students.



Our drones have the ability to detect plant health and can fly over your farmland or landscape to check the health of your crops!


Use our drones to complete inspections of roofs or buildings by recording hard to reach areas to avoid the need for adjusters to risk their own safety and provide peace of mind knowing due diligence was provided in the event of a claim.


Create a means to further showcase your medical facility when recruiting doctors and nurses by including aerial photos and videos of your property! 

Special Events

Get a new perspective on your outdoor event with aerial photos and videos of your wedding, party, charitable golf outing, walks, or 5k race!

Vacation Property

Partner with excursion companies to provide drone services and film your guests experiences while boating, parasailing, or enjoying any unique amenity offered!

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Elevated Angles LLC uses Commercially Insured Drones operated by FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots 

Service available in Philadelphia, South New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas

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