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Elevated Angles, LLC provides aerial photography, HD 4k aerial videos, video production, mapping, and audit services.

aerial photography

Our drones are equipped with 20 mega-pixel cameras for the highest quality photos for your location or event.

HD 4k Aerial Videos

Our drones are equipped with HD cameras to record videos of your location or event in 4k resolution at 60 frames per second.


We provide custom video production tailored to your company's or personal needs to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Mapping Technology

Create 3D or 2D maps of your property or job site and import to a CAD program to track construction progress, map dimensions for your projects, and manage building inspections.

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Fly overs to ensure subcontractors are on site for the billing hours

premium audits

Elevated Angles, LLC


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Elevated Angles LLC uses Commercially Insured Drones operated by FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots 

Service available in Philadelphia, South New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas

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